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Catalogue of Products

We have got the biggest range of compatible exploitation materials.


Here, you can find cartridges to old typewriters so as toners and inks to the latest printers. We have also xerographic toners. Our offer is complemented by ‘photo’ papers, foils, labels and cleansers.




Brand new printing devices appear on the market every day. This is why we constantly supplement our offer with the new products.

W try to provide you with compatible exploitation materials to all these products as soon as possible.




Both, optimized production line and production scale let us offer competitive prizes. But never at the expense of quality!

Now, you can print with no limits and the only difference you will notice are savings in your pocket.




Inks and toners produced by us are far more efficient than other products. Thanks to that – maintaining high quality and reliability of printing – out of one container you can print even  4x more!