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PANASONIC KX-FP 207 2SZT. (L) KX-FA52L-PA52---100%
Panasonic kxfp205gs, kxfp215gs, kxfp218, kxfp205, kxfp215, kxfc225gs, kxfc226gs, kxfc228, kxfc255gs, kxfc255, kxfc225, kxfc226, kxfc265, kxfc265gs, kxfc275gs, kxfc275, kxfc278, kxfc266, kxfc266gs, kxfp207,
PANASONIC KXF1100 1SZT (L)KX-FA134L-PA134---100%
Panasonic kxf929, kxf1006, kxf1000, kxf1020, kxf1050, kxf1100, kxf1150, kxf1200,
PANASONIC KXFP80/81 2SZT (L)KX-FA55L-PA55---100%
Panasonic kxfp80, kxfp81, kxfp82, kxfp85, kxfp86, kxfp88, kxfp151, kxfp152, kxfp153, kxfp155, kxfp156, kxfp158, kxfm89, kxfm90, kxfpc91, kxfpc95, kxfpc161, kxfpc165, kxfpc168, kxfc175, kxfc176, kxfc178, kxfpg175, kxfpg178, kxfm189,
PANASONIC UF1810 2SZT. (L)L-PA136---100%
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+ + + Indicates the availability of a large number of
TEL. the price means the price on the phone
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