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PANASONIC KX-FP 207 2SZT. (L)KX-FA52L-PA52---100%
Panasonic kxfp205gs, kxfp215gs, kxfp218, kxfp205, kxfp215, kxfc225gs, kxfc226gs, kxfc228, kxfc255gs, kxfc255, kxfc225, kxfc226, kxfc265, kxfc265gs, kxfc275gs, kxfc275, kxfc278, kxfc266, kxfc266gs, kxfp207,
Panasonic kxfp141, kxfp145, kxfp141g, kxfp145g, kxfp145e, kxfp245, kxfp143, kxfp148, kxfp233, kxfp238, kxfp231, kxfp248, kxfp241, kxfp243, kxfp235, kxfc245, kxfc245g, kxfc245g, kxfc235, kxfc235g,
PANASONIC KXFP80/81 2SZT (L)KX-FA55L-PA55---100%
Panasonic kxfp80, kxfp81, kxfp82, kxfp85, kxfp86, kxfp88, kxfp151, kxfp152, kxfp153, kxfp155, kxfp156, kxfp158, kxfm89, kxfm90, kxfpc91, kxfpc95, kxfpc161, kxfpc165, kxfpc168, kxfc175, kxfc176, kxfc178, kxfpg175, kxfpg178, kxfm189,
PHILIPS MAGIC 5 (L)PFA351L-PH351---100%
Philips magic 5, magic 5 basic, magic 5 basic dect, magic 5 primo, magic 5 primo smart, magic 5 voice dect, magic 5 voice dect trio, magic 5 smart, magic 5 primo white, magic 5 voice smart, magic 5 voice, magic 5 colour dect, magic 5 voice dect duo, magic 5 voice colour dect, magic 5 eco classic, magic 5 eco basic dect, magic 5 eco primo, magic 5 eco voice dect, magic 5 eco primo smart, magic 5 eco voice dect duo, magic 5 eco voice dect trio, magic 5 eco, voice, ppf631, ppf632, ppf650, ppf675, ppf676, ppf685, ppf695, ppf685e, ppf636e, ppf676e, ppf650e, ppf632e, ppf631e,
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TEL. the price means the price on the phone
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