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CITIZEN DP 600 (L)IR61PL-DP600---105%
Citizen 720, cbm600series, cbm700, cbm710, cbm715, cbm720, cbm725, cbm730, cbm750, dp600, dp606, dp610, dp610ac, dp611, dp612, dp612g, dp614, dp617, dp617g, dp617p, dp622, dp620, dp624, , dp627, dp630, dp650, dp710, dp720, ecr5000, h950, idp3504f, idp3516, idp3520, idp3530, idp3530f, idp3530p, idp3530s, idp3535, idp3540, idp3540f, idp3540p, idp3541, idp3541f, idp3545, idp3545f, idp3545p, idp3546f, idp4530, idp4540, , ir60, ir61, ir61b, rp100, sprocket type, idp3550, idp3550f, idp3551f, idp3551, idp3530b, idp3535, casio kp300, casio ce4050, casio fe2000, olivetti ats6400, olivetti ats6400e, olivetti cash dispenser cp6300, olivetti cd6300series, olivetti clipcart, olivetti cat6300, olivetti cat6500, olivetti ecr007, olympia cm1920, olympia cm1930, olympia cm1935, olympia cm1936, olympia cm2030, olympia cm2035, olympia cm2130, olympia cm2135, triumf adler cms9200, panasonic js660, panasonic js130, panasonic js7000, panasonic js800, panasonic js6512, panasonic ws800rm, jcm gold 3700, konic electr sr5020, crs2000, abs sa4000, abs system r ii, towa et6420, towa et5416, towa et6120, towa et6420f, datd card slip ptr, datd card 22 slip ptr, datd card 24 slip ptr, swintec sw2250, nippon prime np610, optima elite 1200series, tec ma1300, royal alpha 1750, royal alpha 9170, royal cms750, royal cms9200, sharp er03pr, sharp a430, sharp a770, walter ecr1210, walter ecr1220, walter ecr1520, siemens beetle 20w, ptr,
CITIZEN IDP 3110/IR 91 (L)3000101L-IDP3110---105%
Citizen ir910, cbm910, cbm911, dp3111, dm910, idp3110, idp3111, ir90, ir90b, ir91b, ir91p, ir91pa, md910, md911, cbm910II, cbm911II, canon ir90b, olympia cm730, olympia cm735, olympia cm888, olympia cm888k, olympia cm898r, olympia cm899, elku tec electronic fd910, IR91B
EPSON DFX5000 8000 HD (L)S015055L-DFX5000---105%
Epson dfx5000, dfx5000plus, dfx8000, dfx8500,
EPSON ERC 05 SHARP EL 7000 (L)S015352L-ERC05---105%
Epson 150, 150II, ec7000, el7000, eth7, erc05, hx150, hx160, hx161, m150, m1501i, m160, m163, m164, m150II, mx150, Citoh 150, facit ce122, facit m150, facit pc1211, privileg ce122, sharp ea40101, sharp ea800r, sharp ea800r 40101, sharp el7000, sharp el7001, sharp pc1211, sharp pc1500, sharp pc1600, sinclair mindware mw100,
EPSON ERC 22 (L)C43S015358L-ERC22---103%
Epson m180, m181, m182, m183, m185, m190, m190g, m191, m192, m192g, m195, erc22, erc40, fujitsu g910, olivetti ecr012, olivetti ecr400, olivetti ecr400ev, olivetti ecr2450, olivetti ecr2300euro, olivetti ecr2400euro, utax s23, trumph adler cms430, triumph adler cms440euro, triumph adler cms9200, triumph adler cms440e, norand 480 long life for m180, norand 480 long life for m190, casio ce250,
EPSON ERC 23 FIOLET (L)C43S015219,L-ERC23---107%
Epson 250, 252, 255, 257, 260, 262, 264, 265, 267, 270, 280, 280a, 280v, 300d, erc23, m250, m252, m255, m257, m260, m262, m264, m265, m267, m270, m280, m280a, m280v, m285, mp250, mp265, pr265, rp265, rp267, rp250, rp252, rp255, rp257, rp260, rp262, tm200, tm210sp, tm267, tm267a, tm267b, tm267c, tm267d, tm267II, tm270, tm280, tm250, tm260, tm300, tm300a, tm300b, tm300c, tm300d, tm801, ibm4651, ibm4655, ibm4661, ncr2174, ncr2190, panasonic 7000p, panasonic p100wp, panasonic pm300, sanyo ecr3210, sanyo ecr590, sanyo ecr595, sanyo er3210, sharp er2100, sharp er2110, sharp er2975, sharp tm210, wincor nixdorf nd62, datamaega dpn2369, datamaega dpn2600, datamaega dpn2604, datamaega dpn2610, datamaega dpn2620, datamaega dpn2621, datamaega dpn2639, datamaega dpn2650, datamaega dpn267, datamaega dpn2671, fujitsu fz1134, fujitsu 2144 journal, ibm 4651, ibm4655, ibm 4661, kingtron cl280, kingtron cl series, micros 1200w, micros 1700, micros 2700, micros 4000w, towa 1420, towa r1, panasonic 7000, canon tx50iii, omniprint om100, omniprint om200, omniprint om265, omniprint om opc200, royal cms9160, panasonic pm300, panasonic js7000, panasonic js8000main, sharp 3120, sharp 3210, sharp er2975, sharp er3210, tec re2000, tec re3000, tec re2500, tec re 3500 slip, ncr7454 norand 4810, ncr7161 kitchen printer, ncr2174 remote priner, ncr7445 100x printer, 26002P
EPSON ERC 27 CZARNY (L)C43S015366L-ERC27C---105%
290, 290II, ctm290, ctm390, erc27, m290, m290II, tm290, tm290II, tm295, tmu295, tmu290, tmu290II, tmh3000r, tmh3000, casio sa1010, casio sp1000, casio sp1010, casio sp1100, fujitsu g5800, fujitsu g5840, fujitsu gs800, fujitsu sg840, ncr5100, ncr99955200, omron sp50, datacap slip printer, micros 1700, micros 2700slip ptr, ipc prt290 11, m12pa, tm295, mv295, datacap 440, datacap 4000, datacap 4500, datacap 4600, datacap 4800, datacap dpn2910, micros 1700, micros 2700, micros 4700slip ptr, ncr7445k520v001 remote slip ptr, panasonic js7000slip ptr, tec fs1450, tec fs1650slip ptr, tec drs207slip ptr, tec ma1450, tec ma1530, tec ma1535, tec ma1650slip ptr, teknika g3200, teknika g3800, teknika g3810, teknika g3840, teknika g5800, teknika g5840slip ptr, teknika gs800slip ptr, uniwell tp620slip ptr, Belegdrucker Typ 6881-1,
EPSON ERC 28 CZARNY (L)C43S015227,L-ERC28C---150%
Epson 2000, m2000, erc28, fujitsu 297bcs, fujitsu 2975, ERC28B, Honeywell 6822,
Epson 2000, m2000, erc28, fujitsu 297bcs, fujitsu 2975, Honeywell 6822,
EPSON ERC 30 CZARNY (L)C43S015244L-ERC30C---105%
Epson erc30, erc34, erc38, m262a, m51pd, tm270, tm300, tm300a, tm300b, tm300c, tm300d, tm300pd, tm3000, tm375, tmu210b, tmu210d, tmu210r, tmu300, tmu370, tmu375, tmu325, tmu210a, tmu200d, tmu300a, tmu300b, tmu300c, tmu300d, tmu220b, tmu230, tmu200, tmu200a, tmu300pd, tmu220pb, tmu220d, tmu220a, tmu220, sharp er3210, wincor nixdorf beetle70, samsung srp270, samsung srp275ag, micros 1200w, micros 1300w, micros 1320w, micros 1370w, micros 1390w, micros 1700, micros 2415w, micros 2700, micros 4000w, micros 4700w, micros 400 344 micros 4300 395, ncr7455, ncr k910 journal, norand 4810, panasonic pm300, panasonic pm308, omniprint om100, omniprint om200, omniprint opc200, panasonic js7000main, panasonic js7500, panasonic js8000, sharp er2975, sharp er3210, sharp a750, siemens beetle 70, tec re2000slip, tec re2500slip, tec re3000slip, tec re3500slip, woojin adp200, woojin adp300, woojin adp400, toea et1420, toea ri, micros tm200, micros tm300,
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