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Brother DCP-B 7520DW, HL-B 2080DW, MFC-B 7715DW,
BĘBEN DO HP LJ CP1025CE314AL-HEN314D---100%
HP colorlaserjet pro cp1021, colorlaserjet pro cp1022, colorlaserjet pro cp1023, colorlaserjet pro cp1025, colorlaserjet pro cp1026nw, colorlaserjet pro cp1027nw, colorlaserjet pro cp1028nw, colorlaserjet pro mfp m176, colorlaserjet pro mfp m177fw, laserjet cp1025 color, laserjet pro 100 color mfp m175, laserjet pro m275, laserjet pro m275a,
HP laserjet pro m102a, m102w, m130a, m130fw, m130fw, m130mfp, m130nw, m132a, m132fw, laserjet pro ultra m134a,
BĘBEN DO LEXMARK MX310/410/51050F0Z00L-LEEN310D---100%
Lexmark ms310, ms410, ms510, ms610, mx310, mx410, mx510, mx610, ms312, ms315, ms317, MS415, ms417, ms517, ms617, mx417, mx517, mx617, mx511, mx611,
BĘBEN DO OKI B40144574307L-OK401DR---100%
OKI b401d, b401dn, mb441, mb451, mb451dn, mb451dnw, mb451w,
BĘBEN DO OKI B411/43144574302L-OK431DR---100%
OKI b431d, b431dn, b411d, b411dn, mb461, mb471, mb471w, mb492, b412, b432, b512, mb491, mb472, mb492, mb562,
BĘBEN DO OKI B43043979002L-OK430DR---100%
OKI b400, b410, b410d, b410dn, b420dn, b430d, b430dn, b440dn, mb460, mb460l, mb470, mb480,
Samsung SL-M 2620, Samsung SL-M 2620 D, Samsung SL-M 2620 ND, Samsung SL-M 2625, Samsung SL-M 2625 D, Samsung SL-M 2625 F, Samsung SL-M 2625 N, Samsung SL-M 2626, Samsung SL-M 2670 FN, Samsung SL-M 2670 N, Samsung SL-M 2675 FN, Samsung SL-M 2820 D, Samsung SL-M 2820, DW Samsung SL-M 2820 ND, Samsung SL-M 2825 DW, Samsung SL-M 2825 ND, Samsung SL-M 2826, Samsung SL-M 2870 FD, Samsung SL-M 2870 FW, Samsung SL-M 2871 FW, Samsung SL-M 2875 FD, Samsung SL-M 2875 FW, Samsung SL-M 2875 ND, Samsung SL-M 2876, Samsung Xpress M 2620, Samsung Xpress M 2620 D, Samsung Xpress M 2620 ND, Samsung Xpress M 2625, Samsung Xpress M 2625 D, Samsung Xpress M 2625 D Premium Line, Samsung Xpress M 2625 F, Samsung Xpress M 2625 FN, Samsung Xpress M 2625 N, Samsung Xpress M 2626, Samsung Xpress M 2675 F, Samsung Xpress M 2675 FN, Samsung Xpress M 2675 FN Premium Line, Samsung Xpress M 2676, Samsung Xpress M 2820 D, Samsung Xpress M 2820 DW, Samsung Xpress M 2820 ND, Samsung Xpress M 2825 DW, Samsung Xpress M 2825 ND, Samsung Xpress M 2825 ND Premium Line, Samsung Xpress M 2826, Samsung Xpress M 2830 DW, Samsung Xpress M 2835 DW, Samsung Xpress M 2835 DW Premium Line, Samsung Xpress M 2870 FD, Samsung Xpress M 2870 FW, Samsung Xpress M 2871 FW, Samsung Xpress M 2875 DW, Samsung Xpress M 2875 FD, Samsung Xpress M 2875 FD Premium Line, Samsung Xpress M 2875 FW, Samsung Xpress M 2875 ND, Samsung Xpress M 2876, Samsung Xpress M 2885, Samsung Xpress M 2885 FW, Samsung Xpress M 2885 FW Premium Line,
Brother DCP 1510, 1512, 1512 A, 1601, 1610 W, 1612 W, 1616 NW, HL 1110, 1110 R, 1112, 1112 A, 1112 R, 1201, 1210 W, 1211 W, 1212 W, mfc 1810, 1815, 1910, mfc 1811, dcp 1511, mfc 1910, mfc 1911,
Brother DCP 1622WE, HL 1222WE,
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