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As Polish producer of exploitation materials, we give you life-long warranty on our products which means that there is no expiry date on Lambda’s products. Warranty expires only when pigment exhausts.

However, in case of product flaws causing device malfunctioning, we guarantee:


  • an exchange of faulty product for the new one free from flaws or a refund
  • printer fixing service if a direct cause of the malfunction is the use of Lambda product.


During warranty period seller provides proper functioning of a product while keeping appropriate safekeeping and running conditions.


Ink containers


Before using the product you should:


  • Gently take of the casing preserving the refill.
  • Install the refill according to the manual provided by the printer producer
  • Launch the process of cleaning heads automatically
  • Repeat the process if a printout is not satisfactory
  • Not seal nozzles and electronics with adhesive tape (permanent damage) so that you do not loose the warranty on the product.


Toners to laser printers


Way to proceed:

  • You should properly follow the manual instruction provided by the producer, especially in case of the type of cartridge with toner used in the printer.
  • Just before installing the cartridge in the laser printer you should take it of the box and of the safety foil.
  • Gently shale the cartridge from side to side in order to evenly spread the toner inside the cartridge.
  • Take off safety belt sticking out of the cartridge (if there is any belt in particular model).
  • You cannot either open the shield protecting photosensitive drum or turn it, it can cause mechanical damage of the drum or/and its overexposure which result in low quality printouts.
  • You cannot either expose the cartridge to sunlight or keep it close to any source of warmth.