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Tests and opinions

In company’s specialized laboratory, Lambda products undergoes rigorous tests. Each month we run about 150 tests which examine efficiency and quality of exploitation materials made by Lambda.


These tests proceed according to the norms:

  • ISO/IEC 19752 - norm including monochromatic cartridges for laser printers
  • ISO/IEC 10561 "Letter of doctor Grauert" – concerning cartridges for needle printers
  • ISO/IEC 24712 -  set of texts for indicating efficiency and using with norms presented below:
  • ISO/IEC 19798 -  concerning color cartridges for laser printers
  • ISO/IEC 24711 – concerning color rand monochromatic cartridges for ink printers

These norms define factors in which cartridges should be tested, i.a.:

  • environment (temperature, humidity)
  • size of sample
  • testing in three different printers
  • following precise end of cartridges exploitation cycle assessment criteria 

Individual product cards (conforming tests’ results) available next to all the products after logging in to Lambda’s online system.

Tests carried out on University of Technology in Wroclaw showed high quality and efficiency of compatible Lambda products.

Conclusion: “Results of carried out tests showed very good quality of printing and higher efficiency comparing to original cartridges.”

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